Carolyn Jao
Carolyn Jao
UX & Service Design

Carolyn Jao, Designer

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I currently work at (Formerly Yodle) as a Service and UX Designer. In 2015-2016 I was the UX Designer on Yodle's online marketing product & franchise individual location platform

Centermark Insights prototype / live test account - UX designer and researcher lead.
RepsEdge Case Study - UX and research lead.
Service Blueprint Example - Example of a co-created service blueprint that spans the entire customer lifecycle. 


I spearheaded the design system launch in 2016. Lead to dedicating resourcing in engineering and design that continues to deliver value to our product teams.

Yodle's Design System - Design and product lead, InVision Prototype of our Design System MVP
Internal Tech Talk - Presenter, company-wide live stream.

I've taken on a thought leadership role in service design at To deliver meaningful service experiences as designers, I believe there is a need to instill design thinking at an organizational Level.

Blueprinting Workshops -  Designer, co-created with our product teams to help drive meaningful end-to-end experiences. 
Internal Tech Talk  - Presenter, guidelines on how to apply service design thinking in cross functional teams. 
Design Sprint Template - Designer, created to share with product teams for guidelines on facilitating design sprint. 


I'm also a fine artist specializing in printmaking. Previously I worked as a producer on some great documentaries, One Day in an American City is one of my favorite projects. -  Fine Art Portfolio filled with moody prints.
TheRealLittles  - Instagram account for my cat, another one of my hobbies.